One Million Monkeys is a
network of creative copywriters.

Whether you are looking to start a brand from scratch, sharpen up an existing tone of voice or have a specific writing brief in mind, we can help.

Our Services

How It Works


You tell us what you need, including any deadlines so we can sort out a quick turnaround. If you know that you need a copywriter but you’re not sure on the specifics, don’t worry, we can work it out together.


We jump on a call to talk through the details. Depending on the job, we will send over a timeline to confirm when you will be able to review the first round of copy and request any amends.


If you are looking for something more long term, then we can become your dedicated copywriting team, ready and raring to go, whenever you need.

for people who need copy for brands who need copy for agencies who need copy for pirates who need copy for llamas who need copy for pineapples who need copy for accountants who need copy for gardeners who need copy